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The Catalan Ministry
of Education has allotted an incompetent school project
for the 2005-08 academic


The selection commission of the candidates for a position as a Principal of a public High School has evaluated, selected and finally appointed a teacher who presented a 30 page school project in which 170 spelling mistakes are counted.

In the resolution 28th April 2005 of the formal claim lodged by the former principal of the high school, and despite the affidavit of a commission member, the results of the vote is ratified and the decision to select the candidate as a Principal of the high school is kept up with evident manifest support from the city council and a few teachers.

On May 4th 2005, the number 2 member of the commission lodge a Complaint Proceeding to the Territorial Delegate of Barcelona Comarques II and on from that day to this no one has given any answer.

On May 27th 2005, the Complaint Proceeding was also presented, as a registered document at the central office of the Ministry of Education, to the main responsible positions that might correct this situation. (Check the list).

The consulted experts have an unanimous opinion on this subject: basic knowledge related to the usage of Catalan language in the educational system that manages the government of Catalonia must be learnt by students and it is assumed that teachers have a correct command of language, as stated in the Official Rules of the functioning regime of Government Educational Centers for the 2005/2006 academic year .(June 23rd 2005 Resolution).





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